Sunday, January 5, 2014

Are you really happy or just really comfortable???

Are you really happy or just really comfortable??

I was always skinny until I met him. Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t to blame. I did this to myself without even knowing it. I fell in love, wrapped with his safely environment. Our relationship turn into years and follow by a pregnancy. I gained weight. I was happy or so I thought. He love me for who I am. But then I realized am I being really happy or just really comfortable? The answer was I was just really comfortable and being in love. I didn’t like the way my body look but I ignore it because I was busy with my love life and my family. I keeping promising myself that I would diet later.. pffff whatever…. I was lying to myself and harming my body with all those unhealthy food and no exercises. So I decided to love myself and stop being too comfortable. Love is blind. Loving myself means taking care of my health and respect my body so I could be around longer to love my boyfriend, family and friends. Life too short to be unhealthy! So those who can related, ask yourself, “are you really happy or just really comfortable??”

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Today is a fresh start for everyone!! The you and a new journey! What is your resolution?
here mine
*lose 50lbs this year
*run 25 miles total per mth
*glam up more often
*more photography 
*more fitness challege
*travel more
*join 5k races
*family games night
*build my confidence and love myself more

Happy New Year!!!!