Thursday, December 19, 2013

Finishing what I started!!!

 I made a promised to myself few months ago to lose 50lbs. At first I had weighted 189lbs, it is not healthy for a 5'1 25 year old gal. Yes I know, I went too far!! I was out of shape and unattractive!! I would avoided taking pictures and socialize with friends. It was terrible!!
It all started when I was pregnant with my second child, I gained over 30lbs. I was craving for candy more than you can imagine and having unhealthy cereal in the middle of the night. CRAZY!! I KNOW... MY EXCUSE WAS "I WAS EATTING FOR TWO." Terrible excuse!!!  But after birth, karma had caught up with me because I had no excuse anymore, I kept telling myself I would get on a diet soon which turn out to be 3 years later. I was embarrassed of myself and how far I had gotten to. 
 At every friends event I attended few time a year when my supermom could babysit, I would spend hours trying to find the right outfit. My self confidence was  way low. I would end up emotional to the point I just shut down and decided I didn't want to attend anymore all because I didn't look good in pretty outfit. I was angry at myself for gaining so much weight. That was my breaking point to realized I needed to start my diet right away and get my confidence back!!!! my happiness!!
 So after few months of exercises, meal plans, meal prepping, and all the support from family and true friends. I've lost few lbs. I went from 189lbs to 168lbs. Yes I lost 21lbs!!!! I was so proud of myself!!! It was a very hard journey!!!
 After thanksgiving & my grandparent 50th anniversary party, I lost track and gained few lbs, opps. but lucky I had stopped myself today before going too far!!
 So tomorrow, I'm finishing what I have started!! so Day 1 on Sunday 12/22/13 here I come!!!
*eat better*
*Lose 50lbs*
*love & respect myself*
*dress up everyday*
*sleep on schedule*
*build my confidence*
*run 5k every month*
  the update picture December 2013